From Concept To Creation.

Welcome to Stealth Labs, we pride ourselves with quality craftsmanship, the very best materials on the market, and the most competent professionals with years experience to carry out your chosen service. We have perfected our craft as a full service vinyl wrap company, specializing in design and unique wrap, and much more. Stealth Labs has continued to push the envelope in quality and creativity for the vehicle wrap industry.



When wrapping a vehicle the options are endless in colors, accents and styling! Let your imagination run and create a truly unique and individual car to set you apart from others. Inquire today to start a render of your vision!


Protect your investment

For most families buying a car can be the second most expensive purchase, so why let your vehicles paint get damaged? Paint protection films are clear or colored polyurethane films that are applied to vehicles to protect them from scratches, dents, or swirls caused by road debris, rocks, bug droppings, and other environmental elements. Inquire today to get a quote on your vehicle!


Correct & coat

Our vehicles are always exposed to harsh UV rays and contaminants like debris, bird droppings and sap. Let us help you protect your vehicle with a paint correction and ceramic coating! It will keep your car always looking brand new with just a simple wash so you wont need to worry about having swirls in your paint or bird droppings and sap!